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Project Description
The project for JCE in course SW engeenering.
Students of computer science and maths are probably familar with Turing Machines, because the Turing Machine is one of the important models when analyzing if mathematical problems or algorithms are computable.Usually dealing with Turing machines requires paper and pencil for simulating the program execution. This application will help here by providing several ways to execute Turing programs and analyze it in an easy and comfortable way.You can execute this program and analyze the execution even step by step.There are also automatic program work mode. It's also possible to change the speed of the execution.

Turing Machines Simulator Definition
The Turing Machines Simulator is an implementation of abstract programming interface called Turing Machine.
Particularly, it's possible to proof mathematically that using of Turing Machine enables to create any algorithm.
This application provides a .GUI for demonstration operations are provided by the Turing Machine.

Development Team
Vladimir Makarov - I.D. 326807096 - Project Manager ,Architect,Project Developer
Alexander Fridman - I.D. 314579160 - Project Developer,Technical Writer,Web Developer
Alexander Motov - I.D. 321607343 - Project Developer,Technical Writer, Requirements Analyst
Yoval Mines - I.D. 037708377 - Project Developer,Technical Writer,Software Tester


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